Adult Classes


Beginner Yoga

Instructor: Sarah Henley

If you’re interested in yoga but you’re not sure where to start, our Beginner Class is the perfect class for you. Beginner Classes at ADK Yoga offer a slow paced and thoughtful introduction to postures and basic breathwork. In a beginner class you can expect modifications you can take to allow your body to feel good in each pose. At ADK Yoga we believe that yoga is truly for all, and our Beginner Class offers a supportive place to start. This class is for true beginners to yoga, or those looking for a refresh of yoga basics.


Chair Yoga

Instructor: Ali Webbinaro

Our chair class is for anyone interested in doing and experiencing yoga without sitting on the ground. Chair yoga postures include sitting and standing with the chair for support and assistance, breathwork, and cultivating a connection between breath, body, and mind. All ages and abilities are welcome.


Flow and Release

Instructor: Kim Peets

This is a two part class that starts active and ends with a slow, peaceful yin based practice. We start off the class with a short active practice that includes a flow to build energy and awaken the muscles. We then spend the remainder of class practicing a quiet, inward practice that uses long, passive holds (2-5 minutes each) to get into the deep connective tissues. An absolutely beautiful way to find balance and let go of the stress and tension of your day. All levels are welcome. Props highly recommended: two blocks, a blanket, and a firm cushion or bolster (an extra yoga mat wrapped in a beach towel is a great substitute for a bolster). Props are necessary to allow yourself to surrender into the poses, soften your muscles, and reach your joint spaces and connective tissues. Please also dress in layers as this is an outdoor class.


Moderate-Vigorous Yoga

Instructor: Sarah Henley

Our Moderate to Vigorous class offers creative sequencing and will flow at a moderate pace, while focusing on physical strength, flexibility, and awareness. This class will encourage you to connect inward with the internal rhythms of your breath through moving meditation and breathwork. This class is perfect for those looking to deepen their practice while gaining a better awareness of body and mind.


Morning Yoga

Instructor: Ali Webbinaro

Our Morning Yoga classes are slow paced and are thoughtfully sequence classes that are designed to cultivate an overall feeling of well being and calm. In this class you can expect basic yoga postures and sequences, with space for longer holds to build strength. Modifications and use of props will be offered to encourage you to work at your individual capacity with effort, but no strain. This class is for beginners with some yoga experience, or those looking for a class with simple, slow movements with a focus on linking breath to movement.


New Mom Connection Group

Instructor: Emily Barry

The transition into motherhood involves a range of emotions. During this time moms are learning how to care for a newborn, while they also begin to adjust to the changes within their body following pregnancy and birth. During this time sleep is often disrupted, there may be lingering pain and soreness in the body, and there is an adjustment to a new schedule at home. OurNew Mom Connection Groupoffers a space each week for new moms to feel connected, supported, and part of a community of women who are going through the same postpartum stage. The New Moms Group offers a space for women to cultivate community and recharge so they can navigate all that this new life phase has to offer. This group will hold space for women to join in community, bring their babies, and enjoy the company and routine of meeting up with other new moms.

This group is for new moms with newborns through pre-crawlers.


Postpartum Yoga

Instructor: Emily Barry

This class is specifically designed for new moms who are at least 6-8 weeks out from birth and have been cleared for movement from their doctor. At the beginning of each class we will meet for conversation and connection; offering space to both ask or answer questions and begin to learn about the changes in your body, and how to restore connection and strength safely. Class will then shift into movement. New moms will be guided through a gentle yoga practice that focuses on restoring key areas of the body that may be impacted during pregnancy or birth to strengthen and restore these areas. Moms are welcome to bring their new babies to class.


Prenatal Yoga

Instructor: Ali Webbinaro

Prenatal yoga is a supportive and loving way to nourish yourself during pregnancy. Bringing awareness and connection to your body during this important time will help you to relax and connect with baby. This class will explore the breath in ways that allow for deeper connection to your body and your baby. It will offer yoga postures that are safe to practice during pregnancy, as well as resources to help support you during labor.

We will be starting our series online, where you can feel safe and comfortable at home, and we may use blocks, a chair, and pillows for support. Open to those in any stage of pregnancy and any level of yoga practice – who have received the “ok” from their doctor or midwife that it is ok to exercise. Just bring your body and your breath.

Preparation: For at home practice you will be a place you can stretch out with a non-slip surface (like a yoga mat), and comfortable clothes. You may want to sip water to stay cool. And we may use pillows, a chair, and yoga blocks as props.


Teen Yoga

Instructor: Emily Barry

This class offers a similar structure to an adult class. Class offers a perfect in between, as teens transition out of kid age classes and move towards their teen years. Classes offer breathing activities, focused poses centered around balance, flexibility, and strength, and a set meditation period. It provides teens tools for building confidence, focus, building positive emotions, and teaching tools to use as they navigate through changes and growth.


Relax Flow

Instructor: Jessica Williams

Our Relax class moves in a slow, gentle pace allowing you to connect back to your breath and ease tension that may exist in both body and mind. Class starts with light stretches to build heat, and slowly moves into restorative poses with longer holds. Our Relax class focuses on slow, simple stretches to help you unwind at the end of the day. You will find breathwork and a long savasana to help quiet the inner mind and reduce feelings of stress. This class moves slow and modifications are available, making it accessible for all levels.