Ali Webbinaro

200 hour CYT

Ali is co-owner of ADK Yoga and Family Center. She is a mom of two kids- currently 5 and 3 years old- and lives in Peru with her husband, children, dogs and cat. She recently moved back to her home town after living on the Seacoast of New Hampshire for over ten years. Ali grew up with yoga and mindfulness as part of her life and has been actively practicing for the last 15 years. The support that she received, and continues to receive, from living and practicing yoga has aided her life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Internalizing the mantra “with our thoughts, we create our world,” Ali has cultivated a mindfulness effort in her daily life that has helped her navigate her own human experience and connection with nature. She is excited to continue ADK Yoga, to be able to continue the work created by Luis and Libby, and to share her own love and support with this community and families at all stages of life. She received her Chair Yoga training through Karen O’Donnell Clarke of Yoga Heals Us LLC, and her yoga teacher training from Yoga Farm Ithaca.

Angel Lepore

200 Hour RYT

The seed that started Angels path to meditation and mindfulness was first planted through her yoga journey. She began exploring yoga in 2003, searching for a new way of being and moving in the world. Her passion blossomed into a deep asana practice where she immersed herself in all that yoga offers. This awakened her spirit and inspired her to embark in a yoga teacher training in 2015 and Reiki training in 2016. It was here where she connected deeply with the symbiotic relationship between the breath, movement, mindfulness, and meditation. Deeply moved by her experience, she continued her education into mindfulness and meditation trainings, becoming certified in Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Always a student, she continues to learn and grow through workshops, literature, and a daily practice. Angel lives in the quaint Seacoast town of Portsmouth, NH. She enjoys hiking the wild Mountains of NH, biking along the coast, and enjoying love and laughs with family and friends.

“I am honored to be part of the open-hearted experience of this community. Together we will co-create a more compassionate, vibrant, and kind world. "

Barb Mitchell

200 hour RYT

Barb has had a regular yoga practice since 2000, in 2011 she trained at the Sivinanda Ashram and received a 200 hour teaching certification. Her trainings and workshops include 100 hour Immersion with Todd Norian and Anne Greene, 50 hour training with Kimberly Carson and Carol Kurcoff at Duke Integrative Medicine, Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors, 58 hour training with Amy Weintraub in LifeForce Yoga, and many short workshops exploring the varied styles of yoga. In 2013 she found an approach to postural yoga that resonates with her and has been studying Yin Yoga with Josh Summers in Boston since 2013 and is currently working to complete a 300 hour training. Her meditation practice is mindfulness based and is incorporated into her teaching. Her teaching of asana is influenced by Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark instruction and is based upon structural alignment.

Britt-Marie McDowell

200 hour RYT

Britt completed her Hatha yoga teacher certification in 2001 (Yoga Institute of Houston) and certification in children’s yoga in 2006 (Radiant Child). In 2013, Britt completed certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga (Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute). Britt has been studying and practicing yoga since 1989 and her teaching is influenced by her background in Iyengar yoga, Kripalu style yoga, yoga therapeutics and in mindfulness practices. In addition to her teaching series-based Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Britt is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in stress and trauma conditions. Women are invited to call Britt at 518-324-3200 for further information and to discuss participation in the series.

Courtney Rendinaro

200 Hour RYT

The first time Courtney was introduced to yoga was in a fourth grade class, as a way to focus and move the body in a fun way. It was not until she entered college that she began to dive into an actual practice, mainly interested in hot flowy classes, arm balances and inversions. As her practiced deepened, it began to soften and become more centered on awareness of the breath and proper alignment of the body. Courtney finds practicing yoga to be as healing and wonderful as spending time in nature. She completed her 200hr YTT in Aruba in 2019 at Island Yoga and has loved teaching ever since!

Emily Barry

200 hour RYT

Emily is the co-owner of ADK Yoga and Family Yoga. She teaches kids, teens, and adult yoga. Emily has been teaching kids yoga and integrated yoga classes for kids and teens since 2012. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of social emotional development. Emily uses yoga as a tool to help children build confidence and mindfulness skills. With a degree in Speech Language Pathology, Emily is able to target language, self-awareness, and social-pragmatic skills to enhance the quality of life for children of all ages.
In 2016 Emily traveled to Fiji to receive her RYT 200 through Yoga Works. Emily believes in a balance between an active asana practice, along with taking the time to slow down, restore, and reconnect through restorative classes and growing a meditation practice. Emily found yoga during her time as a collegiate athlete to grow flexibility and manage injury. Her classes focus on creating a practice and space accessible to all individuals.
Emily enjoys spending time with her growing family. After having her daughter in 2019, she realized the need to build an active community for moms and families. Emily is passionate about creating space for both prenatal and postpartum support.

Gretchen Mills

500 hour RYT

Yoga is the teacher of simplicity, honesty, love, connection and surrender. It is the study of humanity and the relationship with all things, big and small. There is no question that this is where I want my daily efforts to be focused. As owner of the Key West Yoga Sanctuary, I am honored to have the opportunity to create a space that encourages focus and the practice of presence, exposing our innate wisdom and our potential to grow with deep compassion and care for all; the true essence of life itself. My personal studies are focused on philosophy, mindfulness and several styles of yoga with master teachers from across the globe. The teachings have most importantly led me to learn from within–through attention, listening, teaching, living, and simply being. My practice and teaching are ever-evolving, fueled by nature’s beauty and its astounding ability to achieve balance through all kinds of transformation. I find great joy in yoga and am incredibly grateful to share the practice and teachings daily.

Gretchen owns the Key West Yoga Sanctuary and Sevana School of Yoga, currently offering classes and courses online. Gretchen travels regularly to deepen her studies with teachers far and near and has received several certifications for 200 & 500 Hr RYT, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, yoga in schools, and yoga therapy. She is currently attending school at Sai Ayurvedic Institute.

Jessica Williams

RYT 200

Jessica is very excited to teach yoga to meet everyone’s needs. She promotes self confidence and self love. Jessica wants her students to find comfort in their own skin. She strongly believes that if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Yoga is all about linking the mind, body, and breath. In Jessica’s classes people will be able to access a connection to their higher self and find balance throughout their lives on or off the mat. Jessica has always been able to find joy in her life when practicing yoga. She is excited to share her knowledge with her students. Jessica’s calming and positive attitude will leave you feeling accomplished. She is a proud mother and spouse; she values her job as a local educator. Jessica completed her YTT with Sangha Studio, of Burlington VT, under the instruction of Caitlin Pascucci and Julie Serow. Along with her 200 hour, Jessica also has Buti Deep Instructor Training, and is also a Reiki Practitioner, certified at Level 1 & 2.

Kari Lauzon

PT, RYT 200

Kari Lauzon, PT, RYT 200 graduated from Evolution Yoga Teacher Training in Burlington in May 2019. Evolution’s Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is aimed towards those in the healthcare field. Kari has been practicing yoga regularly since 2012 after taking a MIndbody continuing education class through Massachusetts General at Harvard. This life altering class helped her to gain better control of her anxiety with yoga as her primary intervention and now self care. Kari graduated from The University of Buffalo in 2000 with a BS in PT and has been working primarily in outpatient physical therapy in Plattsburgh since. She has taken multiple continuing education classes with a focus on manual techniques (myofascial release) and evaluation & treatment techniques for the pelvic floor. Kari is very excited to combine her knowledge and experience gained as a physical therapist with her love of yoga.

Kim Peets

200 hour RYT

Kim began her yoga journey 6 years ago, when her work as a Registered Nurse through the Clinton County Dept of Social Services lead her to a mindfulness training with Luis Sierra at ADK Yoga. She also began practicing Bikram Yoga at that time, a time in her life when she was looking for balance, strength, peace, and love within herself. Yoga taught her love, and forgiveness, and brought a release and understanding of her emotions and a way for her to process grief and past trauma. As a Registered Nurse of 31 years, including 20 years of home care and 10 as a Disability Coordinator, Kim uses her experience and work as a holistic provider to guide her yoga practice. She earned her yoga certification through High Peaks Yoga in Lake Placid and Saratoga in 2017/2018. She also received training in Yin Yoga at Laughing River Yoga in Vermont in 2018, and is looking forward to a Yoga Alliance certified Yin Yoga training in April. She has been teaching locally 2-4 times a week for the last two years at various studios, and sometimes holds volunteer classes for people with mental health and addiction issues.
Kim’s practice has brought her love, peace, and healing as well as strength, flexibility and mindfulness, and she looks forward to sharing her practice with you.

Nancy Rendinaro

200 hour RYT

Nancy has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, finding yoga when her three daughters were small. She teaches classes in a non-competitive environment to students of all ages and levels, drawing from a variety of yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Sadhana Vinyasa flow, prenatal, and child yoga. She also practices and teaches breathing techniques to help students cope with everyday stressors and learn to calm the mind and self through breath work. Through mindfulness and breath, she helps students build strength, flexibility, and proper body alignment, as well as relaxation, and self-awareness. She is also a trained doula and enjoys helping moms-to-be with all aspects of the birthing process, including teaching prenatal yoga. She received her yoga certification from the School Yoga Institute in Surry N.H., and in children’s yoga through Childlight Yoga in Dover, N.H. She founded Bridge Street Yoga in 2012, before passing it on to spend more time with her grandchildren, and is looking forward to having a home studio to teach at once again.

Sarah Henley

500 hour KYT

Sarah has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and her practice has helped improve her life off the mat. Although a daily struggle, yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully. Sarah completed her 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Kripalu Yoga empowers people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga. She is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her. In her yoga classes, she will guide creative sequencing while providing space to gain better awareness of body, mind, and spirit.

Taylor DeFayette

Taylor rediscovered yoga with Nancy Rendinaro’s prenatal yoga classes during her first pregnancy. The meditation of movement and breath work prepared her for labor. She is very grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning from Nancy at ADK Yoga, while instructing prenatal yoga. After the birth of her second child she found the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. She finds freedom in the breath linked with a predetermined pose sequence. Her practice provides her with more focus and playfulness in her day. She hopes to share this light-heartedness in the classes she guides. Taylor became a doula in 2019. She supports parents in the North Country through pregnancy and birth. Off the mat and out of the birth space, Taylor uses a lot of mental focus with her family, planting vegetables and memorizing song lyrics on their small farm. Taylor has trained with Birth Arts International, Yoga Vermont, and Child Light Yoga.